WWJD About Addiction?

WWJD about addiction?

If only there was a parable about the heroin addictWe all know someone, love someone, or may be that someone….who struggles with addiction. One in ten Americans are addicted to some form of substance abuse. That should cause us to take a sober look around us. What do we do? Do we wag pointed fingers and shun them, ignore the problem maybe it will go way, or give the poor guys a break and hand them a few bucks out our car window?

As cliche as it is sounds, we must ask …. What Would Jesus Do? Continue reading “WWJD About Addiction?”

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Refocus On The Family (of Faith)

refocus on the family of faith 1 Cor. 7:29

The fact is, we live in a world of broken families, and marriages. I wonder if in a desperate attempt to counteract this degradation, we’ve inadvertently turned them into idols. Have we swung the pendulum in the opposite direction? While a balanced perspective is needed, obsessively prioritizing the physical “family first” concept isn’t actually entirely biblical….. Continue reading “Refocus On The Family (of Faith)”

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Dying to Self Is Never “Pretty”

dying to self John 12:24

The next time you drive by a wheat field waving in the wind, tall and glorious, know your admiring a grave yard. Yes, that’s right. It’s nothing more than just a cemetery of seeds. Vegans, I do hope you’ll forgive me for being so graphic but the soil is a merciless butcher! That slits open the thin seed coat allowing them to germinate, sprout and grow into the crop it is. Yielding abundant life, sustaining food, and nourishment for the world….That seed had to give up its life. Die, to give us the ability to live. That’s the not so pretty sacrificial process of dying to self….. Continue reading “Dying to Self Is Never “Pretty””

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A Heart Condition Threatening All Of Us

18 years ago, I received the life-giving gift of a new heart.

My biological father had died of a heart attack at the young age of 56 and little did I know my mother would pass away just 15 years later, from heart failure. Seems genetically, I was predestined to inherit a “bad heart”. 

For many years I didn’t know how bad mine really was. But as each year passed, my decline marked evidence I would have to undergo the daunting procedure that required…. Continue reading “A Heart Condition Threatening All Of Us”

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Some Days, Hope is Harder to Find Than Others

Why is it that some days, hope is harder to find than others?

In the warm sunny days of southern Maine my favorite hobby is to go looking for sea glass, or some call it beach glass. This is glass that has been basically thrown away, or discarded in the ocean, broken to pieces then washed up smooth and beautiful. Redeemed….. Continue reading “Some Days, Hope is Harder to Find Than Others”

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Headship Turned on its Head: Ephesians 5:23

Headship Turned on its Head

Paul tells us there is a profound mystery regarding the headship of Christ and the Church and how it relates to husbands and wives.

A beautiful poem was given to us on our wedding, “Marriage Takes Three”. That essential third Member is God. Except, the wonderful christian couple who gave us this advice are now divorced. And I can’t help but wonder… Continue reading “Headship Turned on its Head: Ephesians 5:23”

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Help! I’ve Lost the Desire for God’s Word

no desire for bible

If reading the Bible feels a lot like a dreaded detox diet. You don’t desire it, but you know it’s healthy for you, so you force yourself to do it once in a while….

That’s a good indication something is wrong. Very, Very Wrong!

The problem isn’t necessarily that your not reading the Bible -it’s far deeper than that. It’s that fact that you don’t desire it.

In our Christian walk we go through periods of spiritual-starvation. Spiritual anorexia would be a better word for it. The word anorexia literally means, “No desire.” We can become so full of ourselves and the world -we lose the desire.

Here’s what spiritual anorexia looks like…. Continue reading “Help! I’ve Lost the Desire for God’s Word”

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Tulip Mania – Investment Warning From Nana

tulip mania

 “Modern Day Tulip Mania.”

That’s what I call it when we choose to obsess on the outward, attractive, temporal things in life over the eternal Word, leaving us spiritually bankrupt …

Tulip mania was an actual historical event in Holland during the 17th century. The tulip, (of all things) was a huge status symbol, especially among the rich and famous. Rare bulbs could sell for the price of a house! Lower class even mortgaged their homes to buy tulip gardens! Rumors have it, banks dedicated special vaults to hold valuable bulbs! Continue reading “Tulip Mania – Investment Warning From Nana”

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Is Spiritual Abuse Really Abuse?

spiritual abuse loss of identity

Lately, with the #Me Too movement women have been speaking out against sexual abuse. Any kind of abuse weather it be physical, verbal, and emotional isn’t being tolerated like it used to but what about  spiritual abuse? Is everything considered “abuse” nowadays?

Spiritual abuse is psychological in nature much like emotional abuse however it uses the guise of religion to control and manipulate women with the fear they will be sinning against God if they do not obey. So, no – not everything is abuse but yes, spiritual abuse is abuse.

Continue reading “Is Spiritual Abuse Really Abuse?”

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Do You Have An Idol? Nope -Go Fish!

hidden idols

Asking someone, “what is your idol” doesn’t work. Sometimes you have to do a little fishing. You might be surprised at what you pull up – But Jesus isn’t.

Instead, to identify an idol ask, “what is your WORST nightmare.”

What does your heart fear losing the most or gives you the most anxiety if it were gone tomorrow?

My friend, that is your idol.

An idol is something or someone other than God than you believe has the power to save you from all the “UNs” of life. Just like, “There’s an app for that,”  Sure enough, you’ll find there’s an idol for that …

Continue reading “Do You Have An Idol? Nope -Go Fish!”

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Miscarriage, Knit and Not Forgot

Knit and Not Forgot Poem

 I wrote this poem with the ache of empty arms after losing a wanted and tried-for baby. The pain of miscarriage is a very personal and deep feeling of loss. From the moment you find out your pregnant, you begin to love the child. You begin to daydream about their future, what they will look like, what their personality will be like… as if they were already here. Really, they are here. There’s just multiple layers of skin between them and the world. That’s what makes any loss, at any time so hard.

My womb no longer felt fruitful and nurturing. It felt like a grave site and I was the walking tombstone. I cried everyday, for weeks, for months…I cry now as I write this 6 year later.

Continue reading “Miscarriage, Knit and Not Forgot”

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Should You Impersonate Christ?

To Imitate someone is to model or pattern your life so it mirrors theirs. Some feel it is the highest form of flattery. To impersonate someone actually requires you pretend to be that person. That isn’t always so flattering especially if SNL gets a hold of your character!

Have you ever considered impersonating Christ could do more harm than good – even as a Christian?

Continue reading “Should You Impersonate Christ?”

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