Miscarriage, Knit and Not Forgot

Knit and Not Forgot Poem

 I wrote this poem with the ache of empty arms after losing a wanted and tried-for baby. The pain of miscarriage is a very personal and deep feeling of loss. From the moment you find out your pregnant, you begin to love the child. You begin to daydream about their future, what they will look like, what their personality will be like… as if they were already here. Really, they are here. There’s just multiple layers of skin between them and the world. That’s what makes any loss, at any time so hard.

My womb no longer felt fruitful and nurturing. It felt like a grave site and I was the walking tombstone. I cried everyday, for weeks, for months…I cry now as I write this 6 year later.

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Should You Impersonate Christ?

To Imitate someone is to model or pattern your life so it mirrors theirs. Some feel it is the highest form of flattery. To impersonate someone actually requires you pretend to be that person. That isn’t always so flattering especially if SNL gets a hold of your character!

Have you ever considered impersonating Christ could do more harm than good – even as a Christian?

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