Help! I’ve Lost the Desire for God’s Word

no desire for bible

If reading the Bible feels a lot like a dreaded detox diet. You don’t desire it, but you know it’s healthy for you, so you force yourself to do it once in a while….

That’s a good indication something is wrong. Very, Very Wrong!

The problem isn’t necessarily that your not reading the Bible -it’s far deeper than that. It’s that fact that you don’t desire it.

In our Christian walk we go through periods of spiritual-starvation. Spiritual anorexia would be a better word for it. The word anorexia literally means, “No desire.” We can become so full of ourselves and the world -we lose the desire.

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Tulip Mania – Investment Warning From Nana

tulip mania

 “Modern Day Tulip Mania.”

That’s what I call it when we choose to obsess on the outward, attractive, temporal things in life over the eternal Word, leaving us spiritually bankrupt …

Tulip mania was an actual historical event in Holland during the 17th century. The tulip, (of all things) was a huge status symbol, especially among the rich and famous. Rare bulbs could sell for the price of a house! Lower class even mortgaged their homes to buy tulip gardens! Rumors have it, banks dedicated special vaults to hold valuable bulbs! Continue reading “Tulip Mania – Investment Warning From Nana”

Is Spiritual Abuse Really Abuse?

spiritual abuse loss of identity

Lately, with the #Me Too movement women have been speaking out against sexual abuse. Any kind of abuse weather it be physical, verbal, and emotional isn’t being tolerated like it used to but what about  spiritual abuse? Is everything considered “abuse” nowadays?

Spiritual abuse is psychological in nature much like emotional abuse however it uses the guise of religion to control and manipulate women with the fear they will be sinning against God if they do not obey. So, no – not everything is abuse but yes, spiritual abuse is abuse.

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Do You Have An Idol? Nope -Go Fish!

hidden idols

Asking someone, “what is your idol” doesn’t work. Sometimes you have to do a little fishing. You might be surprised at what you pull up – But Jesus isn’t.

Instead, to identify an idol ask, “what is your WORST nightmare.”

What does your heart fear losing the most or gives you the most anxiety if it were gone tomorrow?

My friend, that is your idol.

An idol is something or someone other than God than you believe has the power to save you from all the “UNs” of life. Just like, “There’s an app for that,”  Sure enough, you’ll find there’s an idol for that …

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