Help Your Kids Avoid Tarzan-Like Faith

tarzan-like faith

Children naturally piggyback off of our faith for quite some time.  Knowing all to well that God has no grandchildren we gently nudge them toward autonomy over the years. Encouraging them to own their own thoughts, values and beliefs as we set them on a journey to find out who they are and who God really is.  Our heart’s desire echoing…

 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (3 John 1:4)

Sadly we realize, some will not be found walking in the truth. Perhaps not for a season or not at all.  What’s helpful to remember is, as perfect of an example as Jesus was to His twelve disciples- one still rebelled. One with wild Tarzan-like faith…..

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WWJD About Addiction?

WWJD about addiction?

If only there was a parable about the heroin addictWe all know someone, love someone, or may be that someone….who struggles with addiction. One in ten Americans are addicted to some form of substance abuse. That should cause us to take a sober look around us. What do we do? Do we wag pointed fingers and shun them, ignore the problem maybe it will go way, or give the poor guys a break and hand them a few bucks out our car window?

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