God Gets Ghosted Too


“Mark my words. This time I’m NOT sending him another text until he responds to my last fifteen!  I mean, he totally ghosted me! Ugh. I thought our relationship was really going somewhere .. then poof silence for days. I tell myself, his phone must be dead or broken. He couldn’t be intentionally ignoring me! Wait…Could he be? Unbelievable. There’s the “Active in Messenger” green circle of TRUTH. #Fact he is definitely ignoring me!”

LOL. Okay, I know it’s a little dramatic but I’m going somewhere with this! Continue reading “God Gets Ghosted Too”

Tulip Mania – Investment Warning From Nana

tulip mania

 “Modern Day Tulip Mania.”

That’s what I call it when we choose to obsess on the outward, attractive, temporal things in life over the eternal Word, leaving us spiritually bankrupt …

Tulip mania was an actual historical event in Holland during the 17th century. The tulip, (of all things) was a huge status symbol, especially among the rich and famous. Rare bulbs could sell for the price of a house! Lower class even mortgaged their homes to buy tulip gardens! Rumors have it, banks dedicated special vaults to hold valuable bulbs! Continue reading “Tulip Mania – Investment Warning From Nana”