Freedom From Oppression

“When you are free, don’t ever go back to Egypt.” These are the words my Focus on the Family counselor said nearly 2 years ago. Counselors can’t exactly tell you to leave your emotionally and spiritually abusive husband pastor of 16 years, especially while they are sitting right next to you.  Getting me alone she held my hand, looked me straight in the eye and affirmed, “You are very brave to do this.” Chills down my body, I knew what she meant. It was a death to so many dreams.  Knowing he would have to resign, we’d have the dreaded legacy of the “D” word to leave our kids. But it also meant death to the nightmare the children and I had been living in as well. Continue reading “Freedom From Oppression”

Marriage: Harmony Without Hierarchy

marriage harmony without hierarchy

Ever find yourself singing next to someone in church that completely throws you off key? Or how about that ONE lady who sings so loud, effectively drowning out everyone else? Despite, desperately trying to block them out, even secretly covering the offended ear, you realize it’s IMPOSSIBLE to hear yourself!? What happens if it’s a spouse that has great potential to throw your spiritual walk completely off course or maybe even threatening to drown you out, not by their singing of course, but by the way they act, live, or even believe? This doesn’t only apply to marriage, but with anyone you live in close proximity to…your parent, child, even fellow brother or sister in Christ. Yet the Bible calls us to live in “harmony” with all people -with an important caveat: as much as it depends on us... Continue reading “Marriage: Harmony Without Hierarchy”

Refocus On The Family (of Faith)

refocus on the family of faith 1 Cor. 7:29

The fact is, we live in a world of broken families, and marriages. I wonder if in a desperate attempt to counteract this degradation, we’ve inadvertently turned them into idols. Have we swung the pendulum in the opposite direction? While a balanced perspective is needed, obsessively prioritizing the physical “family first” concept isn’t actually entirely biblical….. Continue reading “Refocus On The Family (of Faith)”