The Unspoken Broken Rooms of Our Soul

Everything in my house is broken. People, I mean it when I say this. Just about everything is broken to some degree! What’s ironic is that someone once commented that my house was so nicely decorated, they described it, “like a museum”.  Yep, a museum alright….. a museum of unspoken broken maybe….

Master at Masking

Okay, so what you need to understand is that I have three boys. This should explain a lot. I usually only buy things previously owned, somewhat already broken things because I know whatever it is will only get MORE broken!

In stead of throwing things out – I desperately try to redeem them. It comes from my old flea market flip nature. I am a master at gluing, taping, strapping, nailing and magic erasing! I can turn, prop up, cover, and hide pretty much anything stained, cracked, chipped or broken so that no one will ever notice.

That’s how I used to hide my unspoken broken too…

Show Rooms

We all have “show rooms” in life. You know, the one room people can see from the sidewalk, with the big bay window, fancy Victorian curtains and warm lighting that invites you to –look in here!

When you sneak a peak, at first you feel a little awkward eavesdropping into someones personal space, but then you can’t help but notice everything is so orderly, nothing out of place, the furniture is covered in plastic! Then you realize they actually wanted you to see that room.

The one room that no one actually Lives in.

No-Show Rooms

Chances are if you could see just a little farther in, you might find all the “No-show rooms”. You know, those rooms where people are not welcome, and not allowed. Let’s face it, because you gave up the battle of trying to hide all the broken in there. The rooms we lost the desire to clean, the untidy, cluttered, chaotic rooms… of our souls.

There are unspoken broken rooms in all of us. They are the safest and loneliest places, all in one. Where we can just be real, no masks or facades but at the same time they are the loneliest place because no one is allowed there. We are afraid of what they might think or say. How they might judge us, unfriend us, or even hurt us with what they know about our unspoken broken rooms.

It’s Way Too Messy

We won’t even let Jesus in. When he knocks, we run around frantically trying to tidy up our mess. Instead of letting Him in, we block the door, extend a hand through a small crack to receive His bouquet of blessings, saying…

“Thank you! Bye, now!” While, slamming the door in His face…

Peering out the window to see, Is He gone? We notice He’s wearing an apron and carrying some sort of bucket at His side. He had come to clean all along. To reorganize our life, to clean out the places we haven’t even touched in years – the nastiest, dirtiest, soiled and broken and shattered areas of our souls that even a magic eraser can’t touch.

Only, He IS the Magic Eraser of our Sin and Brokenness. He’s the ONLY one who can clean, fix and make it new.

He Sees Us and Loves Us

We all have idols that feed on outward appearance. Performance, materialism, and status. It’s what we want everyone to see.

Our outward appearance does not always reflect the status of our soul. Sometimes no amount of even the most expensive makeup can cover our deepest insecurities.

Jesus whispers, I see you, the real you. Hiding behind your plastic smile, and all your “show rooms”. I know every unspoken broken  no-show room and I still love you.  I will wash each and every one with My sacrifice and love.

Won’t you let Me in?

Friends, with this offer we have nothing to lose…except what is already broken…so why not let Him in?

Welcome to the journey from Superficial to Superfruitful.

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You See the Real Me…

My Broken Prayers…

Hebrews 10:22
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